Roof Cleaning in Ascot

Roof cleaning in Ascot can transform all roof types. Smartshield is Nationwide Roof Cleaning’s recommended roof contractor, offering specialist roof moss removal in Ascot. When was your roof last cleaned? Regular roof sealing in Ascot can protect roofs and retain the results after a professional clean for longer. After some years, roofs can become dirty and faded. Roof painting in Ascot can revitalise worn tiles and breathe new life into a roof.

Potential issues caused by a neglected roof include:

  • A cluttered, dirty and unattractive roof
  • Less buyer interest due to matters associated with neglected roofs
  • Rotting roof materials
  • Broken, cracked or moved roof tiles
  • Internal structure damage
  • Dampness and mould within the building
  • Reduced insulation causing higher energy bills
  • Expensive urgent roof repairs and replacements
  • Infestations of insects and rodents due to excess organic matter
  • Blocked guttering due to moss

Roof cleaning in Ascot will help protect against all of these issues.

Roof Sealing in Ascot

Once your roof is clean, you will want to complement the results for as long as possible. Roof sealing in Ascot is the ideal solution. This will provide a protective sealant for your roof tiles. It deters the growth of moss, mildew, lichen and algae. It also makes your tiles water-resistant for up to five years. Reducing the porosity of roof materials slows down natural deterioration considerably.

Potential buyers will feel assured that your roof is well-maintained if you want to sell your property. The roof will always be a point of concern for buyers. Roof sealing in Ascot helps keep roofs healthy and functioning for longer.


Roof Moss Removal in Ascot

A dirty roof is not appealing. If moss takes hold of your tiles, it will spread before you know it. Roof moss removal in Ascot is the answer. Our specialist roof team can eradicate moss from all roof types. This will kill moss at the root and remove it from even the trickiest areas. Moss provides ideal living spaces for many unwelcome creatures and dirt. By eliminating roof moss, you are protecting your roof tiles, materials, gutters and building structure. We have the expertise to banish moss quickly and safely.

Roof Painting in Ascot

Roof painting in Ascot offers vibrant colours for worn roof tiles. We use premium roof paint to nourish and protect roof tiles. The sun will fade roof material after a while. Even in winter, the sun shines bright, which can take its toll on any colour surface. Roof coating in Ascot will slow this down and revamp your roof’s aesthetics. Why not stand out from the other houses on your street?

We care for all types of roofs for business and residential customers in the Ascot area. Customer satisfaction is always our goal, and we tailor each service to achieve the best results. Our skilled and friendly team know how to get the best from all roof types.

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