Roof Cleaning in Edgware

Rooftops are made to last and built to take the pressure of UK weather. Roof cleaning in Edgware helps property owners retain their roof’s durability for longer. Did you know that the average roof last for 25 years? This could be extended with the right roof care. With roof sealing in Edgware, your roof tiles will be clean, presentable and protected. Nationwide Roof Cleaning knows how important it is to maintain a roof. Our recommended roof contractor, Smartshield, has the tools and experience to transform roofs of all ages and sizes. For roof moss removal in Edgware, we have the solution. We will banish the following from your roof:

  • Organic growth, such as moss, mildew, mould, algae, lichen and blackspot
  • Staining and dirt
  • Silt, soot and ash
  • Twigs, leaves and plants
  • Wildlife mess

Adding roof painting in Edgware to your schedule will form your property’s ideal roof maintenance plan.

Roof Sealing in Edgware

Roof sealing in Edgware gives property owners an added layer of protection against the things that wear down a roof. This includes:

  • Leaks caused by excessive moisture on the tiles
  • Increased porosity leads to rotting roof materials
  • Moss and lichen infestations
  • Sun fading and discolouring
  • The decline in roof appearance
  • Tile deterioration caused by harsh weather (rain, wind, frost, ice and snow)

Our high-quality sealants coat your roof with a protective barrier and offer a subtle shine to boost your roof’s appearance. Roof sealing can last up to five years, greatly enhancing your roof cleaning regime.


Roof Moss Removal in Edgware

A healthy roof must be moss-free. Roof moss removal in Edgware is integral to retaining the health of your roof. The durability and functionality of your tiles will reduce if moss is left to spread. The conditions offered by porous roof tiles are perfect for moss to thrive. Stopping moss in its tracks is essential to reduce the risk of expensive damage. Mss can damage not only the exterior of your building but the interior too.

Roof cleaning in Edgware is enhanced considerably with the addition of roof moss removal. It is not safe to access your roof and attempt moss removal yourself. Our team are fully insured with the right safety equipment to perform the task efficiently. We are skilled in eradicating pesky moss from every part of your rooftop.

Roof Painting in Edgware

Roof painting in Edgware offers colour and vibrancy for your roof. If your tiles are old, dirty or faded, your property could look drab next to others. Impress the neighbours and passers-by with tiles that shine as good as new. Our specialist roof paints coat, nourish and protect your roof tiles.

We provide roof maintenance to residential and business customers in the Edgware area. Roof coating in Edgware is an excellent and cost-effective way to spruce up your roof tiles. Our team can rejuvenate all roofs, returning them to a near-new condition.

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