Roof Cleaning in Egham

There are many reasons why a well-maintained roof is beneficial. Roof cleaning in Egham allows property owners to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, clean and long-lasting roof. Roof moss removal in Egham stops moss from taking over your roof tiles. A green-covered roof is unsightly and unhealthy. Our professional roof care team is experienced in roof cleaning and protection. Roof sealing in Egham gives property owners a layer of protection against the things that erode roof tiles. Damp weather, organic growth and sun wear will all take their toll. With the right roof care plan, your roof can last longer, look better and remain durable. Why not refresh the colour of your roof tiles? Roof painting in Egham is an excellent way to make your roof stand out.

Roof Sealing in Egham

Smartshield is Nationwide Roof Cleaning’s recommended roof contractor, offering professional roof sealing in Egham. While roof cleaning produces fantastic results and helps protects your roof, sealing adds long-term protection. The two services are a great way to form a robust roof maintenance schedule. Roof sealing lasts up to five years and involves applying a thin seal to your tiles. This acts as a defence against moisture and contaminants. Moss, lichen, algae and mould can thrive in damp conditions. Sealants help to deter this and therefore protect the condition of a roof. We have a specialist team with high-quality sealants and high-reach equipment ready to transform your roof. With roof sealing in Egham, your building has added protection against leaks, roof damage, internal mould and expensive repair work.


Roof Moss Removal in Egham

Our roof moss removal in Egham is a cost-effective way of banishing the nuisance of moss from your rooftop. Moss can cause many problems for a building. Here we list some examples:

  • Drainage problems
  • Infestations such as rodents, mould and insects
  • Moisture and pressure on the roof can make it weaker and more susceptible to damage
  • Cracking and leaking of roof slates
  • Roof materials could start to rot
  • A cluttered and unappealing roof can devalue a property and put buyers off

As you can see, moss is more than just a harmless plant and could cause severe property damage. That is why roof moss removal in Egham is essential for a fully-functioning and safe roof.

Roof Painting in Egham

Roof painting in Egham will brighten your entire roof area, making it look fresh, healthy and attractive. Our skilled team uses the best quality roof paints to enhance and protect your roof. Roof paint adds a protective and vibrant layer, slowing down the effects of sun and moisture.

We work with residential and commercial customers across Egham and the surrounding areas. Our professional roof cleaning in Egham can rejuvenate tired roofs and significantly extend their longevity. Roof coating in Egham is a fantastic way of giving new life to an older roof.

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