Roof Cleaning in Windsor

Smartshield offers superior roof cleaning in Windsor on behalf of Nationwide Roof Cleaning. Without regular roof care, it’s hard to know what dirt and muck are accumulating on your roof. This is why services such as roof moss removal in Windsor are paramount. Cold, wet and even hot weather will wear your roof down. Add to that pollution, mess from trees, wildlife, and organic growth, and you have a messy roof! Roof sealing in Windsor is an excellent way of protecting your roof surface from deterioration. This will significantly slow the effects of nature and give you a healthier roof for longer. Did you know the average lifespan of a roof in the UK is 25 years? This can be extended with roof cleaning and roof painting in Windsor.

Roof Sealing in Windsor

All properties, whether homes or businesses, require robust roof care. Roof sealing in Windsor should be incorporated into this for optimal results. All homes, old and new, need sufficient roof maintenance to ensure the risk of leaks is minimal. Our team use only the best roof sealants. These form a transparent film on your roof surface, setting upon contact. The sealant offers a high level of protection against the things that wear away roof materials. Roof sealing lasts from three-five years.

Roof cleaning in Windsor, teamed with roof sealing, is ideal for excellent roof care.


Roof Moss Removal in Windsor

Roof moss removal in Windsor involves killing and removing moss from your entire roof and gutter area. We use professional high-reach equipment to allow our operatives access to all joints and cracks.

Removing roof moss will:

  • Help keep the insulation of your home sufficient and therefore keep energy bills down
  • Stop excessive moisture building up on roof joints, tiles and materials
  • Reduce the risk of broken or leaking tiles
  • Reduce the risk of mould and dampness in the home
  • Improve the aesthetics of the building and potentially increase its appeal and value

We remove moss from your rooftop before it becomes bothersome. It will thrive in damp conditions on a neglected roof and quickly become an eyesore. We know how to stop it in its tracks.

Roof Painting in Windsor

Did you know that roof paint can make a roof look as good as the day it was installed? We provide professional roof painting in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Painting a roof adds vibrancy, protection and shine. If you plan to sell your property, you will want it to look its best. This is where we come in. With our roof coating in Windsor, you can say goodbye to dull roof tiles and hello to an impressively gleaming roof.

Our expert team tailor each service to suit the customer’s needs. We work with minimal disruption and ensure outstanding results every time. Why pay out for roof repairs and new roof tiles when cost-effective roof care is an option?

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