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Is Your roof covered by unsightly moss ? Does it let down the appearance of your home ? If so Smartshield Uk would love to help, Smartshield Uk are professional roofers with years of roofing experience and specialise in Roof Cleaning, Treating, Restoring and Protecting.

We offer a wide range of different roof cleaning & restoring packages to suit your roof, your need, your budget.

Having the moss cleaned off your roof is not just for cosmetic reasons, there are many other facts of why to have a clean moss free roof is important.

Having a build of moss on your roof is not good for a number of reasons! This can lead to cracked and damaged roof tiles, Failed mortar on ridge and hip tiles, Leaky valleys and verges, blocked and damaged guttering, leaky roofs and water penetration.


Roof Restoring & Protecting

We are not saying that your roofing is going fall and collapse, But If these issues are not rectified before they become to serve this could result in costly repairs or even full roof replacements.

A clean moss free roof will be easier to maintain and keep your roof performing as it should for the future!

Please do contact our friendly team with any questions, Whether it be for full roof clean or maybe just some simple help and advice, we would love to help.

There’s a lot more to Moss than just making your roof look unsightly!

Over a period of years the damp climate in the UK can have an advise effect on roof tiles. The damp conditions create the perfect conditions for Moss, Algae and Lichen to grow, A build-up of moss and lichen is often the primary cause of roof damage as they soak up masses of rain water causing increased stress on the roof structure, Water retention will cause damp areas on your roof, Roof tiles may also crack because of frost penetration, This can also lead to blocked gutters which will result in damp finding its way through the roofline of your property. If these issues are not rectified before they get to severe it may result in costly roof repairs if not a roof replacement.

Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits to a clean roof, there are many more reasons why you should remove moss build up from your roof.
  • Moss, algae and lichens on your roof absorb and retain water
  • Damp battens and roof structures under increased load will eventually buckle and warp
  • Roof tiles that are constantly wet eventually become porous
  • Wet tiles splinter and break when subjected to frost
  • Wet sand and cement mortar will splinter and break
  • Roof tiles, ridge, hip and bonnet tiles can become dislodged
  • Damp battens and roof structures start to deteriorate and rot

Roof Cleaning Packages

Smartshield UK are specialist roofing contractors and offer five different Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal packages, We offer a Moss Killer Treatment package , A Manual Moss Removal and Treatment package , A Bio-Wash Non Pressure Cleaning package, To a Deep Clean and Fungicide Treatment package, Or a Full Roof Restoration and Protective Weatherproofing Package, Smartshield UK have the package to suit Your Roof, Your Budget, Your Problem.

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